Friday, September 13, 2013

I once was blind....but now I squint!

1 Timothy 1:12-17 reminds us that there is no accounting for God's taste in people.  He takes someone who is persecuting the followers of Christ and converts him into a leader and teacher of those same people. He takes ordinary people like Moses, Noah, David, Mary, Peter and others like them and uses them to proclaim his grace and point others to the kingdom of God. He uses ordinary people like you and me to do the same today.  Not people who somehow have their head together and their life all worked out, but real people, messy people. 

The wisdom in this is that ultimately it points to God's power, and the charisma or the persuasive power of the individual.  Besides what people are looking for today  are real people. They want to hear real stories from a real person. Not a collection of theological jargon. Not religious platitudes. Not some phony pasted smile.  They want to know and hear from someone like you...someone like me. Your witness. Your life. Your words. Your faith.  Because that is where Christ is fully revealed. In you. In me. In Paul. In the worst of sinners.

That's why I loved the line which is the title for this week's blog. Too often I struggle to 'see' what God is doing. I struggle to 'see' his way clearly. I struggle to 'see' his grace. Yet I know it is there. So unlike the hymn writer who once was blind, but now 'sees', I am still squinting. I will see clearly when the time comes.


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