Friday, September 20, 2013

Don't just do something...sit there!!!

 Too often in the church we are action-orientated.  Is there a problem, then let's do something to fix it.  Is there a need, then let's do something to meet it.  Does the good news of Jesus need to be proclaimed, then let's set up a training program and get out there. 

In contrast, I am the sort of person who, when confronted with a situation similar to those above, or any situation in life for that matter, likes to stop, think, reflect and then act.  Consequently, that's why I love Paul's thoughts in 1 Timothy 2:1-7.

He simply says "First of all..." but doesn't follow it with a list of seconds, thirds and fourths. Rather he is saying 'Above all else' or 'The most important thing...'. And what is above all else and the most important thing???

Prayer.  Paul encourages us to pray, but not just for ourselves. He urges us to pray for all people. How do we do this.  Pastor John Kleinig once wrote that when we pray for others we do four things.

We pray as if their need is ours.

We act as if their lives are ours.

We act as if their sin is ours.

We act as if their blessing is ours.

In effect, we put ourselves into their shoes and see things from their perspective.  May be that is why Paul sees prayer as above all else. It is only when we see things from another person's point of view that we begin to develop a bigger and broader picture. It is only when I stand with someone that I can begin to serve them. It is only when I listen to and hear their stories that I am able to begin to share mine...and just maybe in my story the gospel of Jesus can speak into their hearts and lives.


At 10:14, Blogger Anthony Fox said...

Spot on Tom!

At 09:42, Anonymous Helen K said...

A great reminder. Thank you.


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